Smile Designers Visible Light Cure Dental Resin-Based NanoHybrid Dental Composite for veneers. Kit x 5


SMILE DESIGNERS -Visible Light Cure Dental Resin-Based NanoHybrid Dental Composite for veneers

High aesthetic resin with Nanofill technology.

Thanks to its excellent properties such as handling, resistance, polishing, and polymerization contraction, they guarantee the best composite on the market.
Superior consistency due to its inorganic filler with a particle size of 0.05 to 0.07 microns, ideal for anterior and posterior restorations. improving physical properties and polishing. special for high aesthetic procedures.


  • ‘Adhesive 5ml – PMGD-Acentone & double distilled water base 
  • etching GEL 37% tixotropic 
  • Shades included: A1,A2-Enamel & Dentin, WX-E Enamel, WX-D Dentin, WX(Extra white) Body & Dentin



Nano Hybrid-CHRO-MA Visible Light Cure Dental Resin Extra-White for veneers

Nano Hybrid-CHRO-MA Light Cure Dental Resin

Smile Design with High Aesthetic Nano-Hybrid Resin for veneers

The high aesthetic nano-hybrid resin Chro-Ma Kit x ​​5 Jga Light Cure Dental extra-White -4GR is an innovative and quality product offered by SMILE DESIGNERS. This resin features Nanofill technology, allowing you to create dental veneers with a natural and long-lasting appearance.

Properties and Benefits of High-Aesthetic Nano-Hybrid Resin

The high aesthetic nano-hybrid resin has several advantages that make it superior to other resins on the market:

  • It has excellent manageability, strength, polish, and polymerization shrinkage, ensuring an optimal result and greater patient satisfaction.
  • its have superior consistency due to its inorganic filler with a particle size of 0.01 to 0.05 microns, ideal for anterior and posterior restorations. This improves the physical properties and polish of the resin, as well as its adaptation to the dental surface besides extra-white color.
  • And Its specially designed for high aesthetic procedures with its double chameleon effect, allowing you to reproduce the color, translucency, and shine of natural enamel.

How to Use High-Aesthetic Nano-Hybrid Resin

To use high aesthetic nano-hybrid resin, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the tooth with an acid etch and apply a dental adhesive.
  2. Select the color of the resin that best matches the patient’s tooth shade.
  3. Apply a thin layer of resin to the tooth and shape it with a spatula or brush.
  4. Polymerize the resin with an LED lamp for 20 seconds per surface.
  5. Repeat the process until the desired thickness and shape of the veneer are achieved.
  6. Polish the veneer with abrasive discs and polishing pastes.

With high aesthetic nano-hybrid resin, you can offer your patients a personalized, natural, and long-lasting smile design.   





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Instructions for use: 


Since cleaning and etching may cause distinct changes in the natural color of the tooth the selection of the appropriate color should be done prior to cleaning and etching the tooth


Perform prophylaxis upon surface enamel to be etched, using water and pumice. You should use a prophylactic paste that contains no acid or fluorides. The soft portions of dentine and all decay should be removed. Isolate the tooth with a rubber dam or a roll of cotton. Put a protective base of zinc phosphate or calcium hydroxide.  


Cavity preparation 

Prepare the cavity to remove caries. If liners are required composite filling material is compatible with calcium hydroxide and zinc phosphate cement. Etch the enamel surface in the applied layer of bonding prior to the application of the composite.  

Etching tooth surface enamel: 

Apply etchant over the surface enamel of the tooth using a cotton pellet or brush. Allow remaining for 20-30 seconds. On primary tooth high in fluoride, 90-120 seconds. If a glass ionomer base is used to not etch for more than 20-30 seconds. A flush area completely for 20 seconds. Do not allow the patient to rinse the mouth or permit saliva to touch the etched enamel surface. 

Air dry completely with an oil/ moisture-free air source. The surface of the tooth should have a dull, white, frosted appearance. If not, repeat the process allowing etchant to remain on the tooth for an additional 20-30 seconds. 


Apply a thin uniform coating of bonding resin immediately onto the etched tooth surface. Thin the resin coating on the tooth with a gentle stream of oil/moisture-free air.  Avoid contact with gingival or other soft tissue. 


Withdraw a suitable quantity of composite; apply the composite in layers of no more than 2mm thick. To thicken and cure the composite exposure to a visible light source, continue this procedure until desired thickness is obtained, ensure that each layer is cured separately, and expose the total restoration to a further 60 seconds of light. High-intensity light will require less time to cure the material so you should test to find the exposure time suitable for your type of light. 


A smooth surface can be obtained by using strip aluminum oxide paper and disc ranging from coarse to super fine. You can polish using the conventional method for acrylics. 

 chroma syringe

Smile Designers Bonding Composite Adhesive 6ml

Etching Gel syringe phosphoric-acid-dental


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