Smile Designers 37% Phospharic Acid BLUE Etching Gel 12Gr

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The Smile Designers etching gel has a high viscosity, does not drip, and remains extremely well in its area of work. Recommended for professionals who like high Thixotropy phosphoric acid.


Etching gel 37% phosphoric acid


Smile Designers Etchant Gel 37% solution of phosphoric acid. Used for the etch and bonding procedures. The product has high thixotropic properties, stays the designated area of treatment and does not run. The Etchant material also washes off easily and cleanly. Stored correctly it has a long shelf life. 



  • Multiple uses – Fissures, orthodontic, splints, cementations, composite restorations 
  • Multiple materials –  Composite, ceramic, and plastic 
  • Very thixotropic doesn’t run


12g Etching Gel Syringe

Multiple Uses  

Smile Designers etchant gel or liquid is used to etch the enamel of the teeth. Creating mechanical retention for all the resins and resins composite techniques in particular used over enamel for the following indications:

-Composite restorations

-Adhesive  cementation of inlays ( composite and all-ceramic), crowns, bridge veneers, adhesive bridges, and roo posts

-Bonding of orthodontic attachments (e.g. brackets)
-Fissure sealants


Phosphoric acid 

Bidestilled water 


Gelable agents

Instructions for use: 

Clean and dry the cavity and tooth 

Etch the name of the tooth with the etchant acid 20 or 30 sec. Rinse and dry with clean air

If the enamel does not have a rough shalk aspect repeat process 


-Do not leave at the reach of children 

-In case of any change in the original function of the products, stop using it and contact the manufacturer. 


FDA Approved

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