Smile Designers Flowable SYGD-MA Composite 2Gm


Smile Designers Flowable SYGD-MA Composite 2Gm for incisal

Intención de uso:

Restauraciones estéticas de caries superficiales y pequeñas.


Dióxido de silicio cristalino y ahumado

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Smile Flowable SYGD-MA LightCure Restorative Composite 


Intention of Use: 

Aesthetic restorations of superficial and little cavities. 




Crystalline and fumed silicon dioxide 



Instructions of use:  

Follow usual procedures for tooth preparation. Exposed dentin must be protected by a calcium hydroxide preparation. Glass ionomer or another suitable base can be used to over the preparation. Remove temporary restorations. Isolate and clean the tooth of any traces of temporary cement. 


Etching Tooth Surface Enamel 

Apply etchant over the surface enamel of the tooth using a cotton pellet or brush. Allow it to remain for 20-30 seconds. On primary tooth high in fluoride, a 90-120 seconds. If glass ionomer base is used do not etch for more than 20-30 seconds. Flush the area completely for 20 seconds. Do not allow patients to rinse the mouth or permit saliva to touch etched enamel surfaces. Air dry completely with an oil/moisture-free air source. The surface of the tooth should have a dull, frosted appearance. If not, repeat the process allowing etchant to remain on the tooth an additional 20-30 seconds.


Priming tooth surface 

Apply a thin uniform coating of enamel bonding resin immediately onto etched tooth surface. Thin the resin coating on the tooth with a gentle stream of oil/moisture-free air. Avoid contact with gingival or other soft tissue. When using a primer, apply a layer of porcelain primer on the etched porcelain as usual. 



Apply into the prepared cavity layer of 1mm thin of flowable composite and polymize with a visible light source for 30 seconds. If a thicker layer is necessary proceed by layers of 1 mm and polymerise each one for 30 seconds until the cavity is full then apply a thin layer of bond and polymerize for 20 seconds. Then finish and polish as usual. 


Storage and Use 

This system is designed to be used at room temperature of approximately 18-24 C or 65-74F. Shelf life at room temperature is three years when syringe and vial caps are replaced immediately after dispensing. Unopened kits can be refrigerated to 39.2F or 4 C to extend shelf life, if stored in the refrigerator, bring back to room temperature prior to use. 

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