Saeshin Dental Implant Motor X-CUBE SET


Saeshin has become an established brand in the United States for dental implantology. It is one of today’s leading dental products in the market due to its accessible pricing and final results.


BLCD motor (speed range 0~50,000 rpm) and angle (Standard equipment 20:1) provides the optional torque during surgery

Gear ratios: 1:5, 1:4, 1:1, 16:1, 20:1, 27:1, 32:1, 64:1

9 programmable memories for setting speed, torque, rotating direction and for theirrigation pump

Automatic overload protection function

Actual working condition displayed  on screen

Motor auto -calibration function

ergonomic foot control pedal

touch display

self-diagnosis function

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X-CUBE implant motor set

ACL(B)-41I implant handpiece 20:1

FORTE 100αEI Non-optic motor

X-CUBE control box

Foot Pedal and Accessories

Contra Angle Handpiece (ACL(B)-41I)

  • Non-optic, 20:1, Max 2,500 RPM, Weight 2.2oz
  • Optic,, 20:1 Max 2,500 RPM, weight 2.5.oz

E-type Motor (FORTE 100αEI)

  • Non-optic 50,000RPM, Weight 9.5oz
  • Optic 50,000 RPM, weight 9.5 oz

Control box (X-CUBE)

  • Dimension W205 x D210 H136, 7.3lbs
  • Max Torque

Additional information

Handpiece Type

ACL-B-611 20:1, CRB26XX s 20:1


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