This portable dental XR (X-ray) unit is high frequency machine.
The body is small, light weight and nearly no radiation.
It has excellent image quality, portable storage, save more space



Xray Machine


1.This portable dental X-ray unit is high frequency machine.
2.The body is small, light weight and nearly no radiation.
3.It has excellent image quality, portable storage, save more space.
4.It uses high frequency and DC international power supply.
5.All of the components installed in the central PC board concentrated. Shock,set-up, electron tubes, all of them are insulation vacuum, sealed stereotype protection.
6.There are also manual buttons installed on the surface of shell, as well as batteries and charges7.This unit mainly suitable for oral pre-treatment for learning internal organizational structure, root depth and so on, is indispensable in daily life clinic equipment, especially for dental implant surgery.
8.It also can connect with sensor, is great convenience.
9.The battery is durable, it can take about 5 hundred images after fully charged.
10.It can be connected with intra-oral digital X-ray imaging system.

Warning: After turning on the machine, wait for 1 minute, the voltage can be stabilized before normal use;After each photo taking, you need to wait for the normal value to return before taking a normal photo。

PORTABLE DENTAL XR Technical Parameter:
Tube voltage:60KV

Tube current:2mA

Exposure time:0.1~2.0s

Rate power:120VA

Distance from skin to cone:118mm
Tube focus:0.4mm×0.4mm

Battery:DC14.8V 2200mAh

Charger input voltage:AC100V-240V±10%

Output voltage: DC16.8V
Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃
Relative temperature: <75%RH

Packing List:
Main body 1pc
Charger   1pc
User manual 1pc


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