Niti Titanium K-Files Hand Files 25mm -31mm


Niti K-Files Titanium K-FILES


  • Ni-Ti resists spontaneous breakage
  • Increased angular rotation reduces fracture compared to stainless steel
  • Ni-Ti decreases zipping and stripping

 K-Files are designed to clean and shape root canals.  It gives the users a smooth tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation.

  • Ni-Ti shaft is made of premium nickel-titanium with 5 times the flexibility compared to stainless steel files
  • Ni-Ti has 10 times the stress resistance compared to stainless steel files
  • Produces smooth and progressive enlargement of root canal
  • Ni-Ti follows the existing canal path and has memory so there is no need to pre-bend the files
    • K file is available in stainless steel & Titanium

      • Stainless steel files are not elastic, while nickel-titanium files are flexible and are more suitable for curved root canals.
      • Stainless steel files have more cutting force, but less breaking resistance. Compared with the NITI-TITANIUM  files that have less cutting force, the files are not easy to break, which is safer. However, the cutting force of nickel-titanium files is weaker and less efficient than stainless steel files.




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25mm #10, 25mm #15, 25mm #15-40, 25mm #20, 25mm #30, 25mm #40, 25mm #45-80, #31mm 15-40


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