Image RVG X-Ray Sensor 1.5/1.0



 Size 1.5


The product is mainly composed of a sensor, an adaptor, a USB connection cable and workstation software. Working together with an X-ray equipment, the Product is intended to make X-ray radiography in dental clinics or veterinary clinics,Sensor size Sensor size Suitable for adult and child

Hardware Requirements

Central Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher

Internal Memory: 4GB or higher

Hard Disk: 80GB or higher

Display: 1280X1024

USB interface: two

Keyboard: One

Mouse: One

Software Requirement

Operating Software:Windows 7 SP1,8,10 32/64bit

Runtime: .Net Framework 4.6 or higher, VC++ 2015


Product Name: Image RVG x-ray Sensor

Product Model:XVS2530

Operating Voltage:5VDC

Input power:500mW

Spatial Resolution:≥7Lp/mm

Low contrast resolution :Able to display holes with 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and

2.5mm diameter on the 0.5mm-thick aluminium foil

Image uniformity ≤2%

Effective image area:25*30mm

Sensor Size:37.16mm×32mm×6mm

Adaptor Size:113.66mm×40mm×15.8mm

Total Cable Length: 3 m (sensor cable + control box cable to PC)

Warranty:1 Year

Accessory :

Digital sensor: 1 Set

U Disk: 1PCS

Sensor holder: 1 PCS

Sensor locator Holder :1 Set


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