Smile Designers Glass Ionomer Restorative Type 2



Powder 15 G
Liquid 10ml
Mixing Pad
Measuring Scoop


Alumino-silicated Glass 

Polyacrylic acid 


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Glass Ionomer Restorative Material Type II


Intention Of Use: 


Restorative of deciduous teeth, class III & V and cervical erosions long-term temporary restorative Class I and II . 




Alumino-silicated Glass 

Polyacrylic acid 



Instructions of use: 


Powder and liquid dispensing 

  1. The standard powder to liquid ratio is 0.85g the powder and 0.45g the liquid 
  2. For accurate dispensing of powder, lightly tap the bottle against the hand. Do not shake or invert 
  3. c) Hold the liquid bottle vertically and squeeze gently 
  4. Close bottles immediately after use. 




Dispense powder and liquid onto the pad. Using the plastic spatula, divide the powder into 2 equal parts. Mix the portion with all of the liquid for 10 seconds. Incorporate the remaining portion and mix the whole thoroughly for 15-20 seconds (total time within 30 seconds) 


Product Placement 


Place the mixture in the prepared cavity (the cavity has to be dry and clean.) When all the restoration is met, let the product lose his brightness then put your finger over the restoration phishing inside the cavity for one or two minutes. When 6 minutes elapsed, cover the restoration with a layer of varnish. The varnish avoids water absorption of the product. The product needs at least 24hrs., to meet the maximum strength. 



Store at temperature of 39.2-77.0F 


FDA Approved


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