3G Dental Group – Power-LED L7 Curing Light


Introducing the 3G-Power-LED L7 Dental Curing Light, a cutting-edge dental tool designed to enhance your dental practice by offering rapid and efficient curing of light-cured dental materials. Combining innovative technology with a user-friendly design, the 3G-Power-LED L7 delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Product Features and Advantages
The 3G-Power-LED L7 sets itself apart from traditional dental curing lights with a range of advanced features and benefits:

Powerful LED: The high-intensity LED light ensures fast and uniform curing of dental composites, adhesives, and other light-cured materials, reducing treatment time and improving patient satisfaction.
Broad Wavelength Range: With a wide spectrum of wavelengths (385-515 nm), the 3G-Power-LED L7 is compatible with most light-cured dental materials on the market.
Ergonomic Design: The lightweight, streamlined design ensures maximum comfort and ease of handling during extended use.
Customizable Curing Modes: Choose between three curing modes – Standard, Ramp, and Pulse – to tailor the curing process to your specific needs and preferences.
Long Battery Life: The high-capacity lithium-ion battery provides extended usage between charges, minimizing downtime and increasing efficiency.
Technical Specifications and Parameters



Product Features and Advantages 12 month warranty on al 3G-DENTAL GROUP PRODUCTS
The power-led L7 sets itself apart from traditional dental curing lights with a range of advanced features and benefits:

The 3G-Power-LED L7 boasts an impressive array of technical features:

Adaptor Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Wavelength: 420-480nm
Light Intensity: 1000-1200mW/cm2
Different Times Setting: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, 35s, 40s
1pc/package, Dimension: 231610cm
Gross Weight: 730g
30pcs/Carton, Dimension: 654949cm
Gross Weight: 21.9kgs
Product Applications and Uses
The 3G-Power-LED L7 is designed for a wide range of dental applications, including:

Curing of light-cured composites, adhesives, and sealants
Curing of light-cured orthodontic materials
Tack-curing of provisional restorations
Hardening of light-cured pit and fissure sealants
Safety and Reliability
We prioritize the safety and reliability of our products:

Eye Protection: The 3G-Power-LED L7 includes a protective shield to minimize the risk of accidental eye exposure to high-intensity light.
Overheating Prevention: The built-in cooling system prevents overheating, ensuring safe and reliable operation.


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