3G Dental High Speed Titanium Series Torque Head handpiece


Dentists are evolving to optic technology. Many elegant new ways of investment have been introduced in order to make this transition with unnecessary investments.

The 3G -TOCH-LED optimizes white light, high torque, and low noise for your practice.

12-month warranty

Only Available in High-Torq Head

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3G – Dental High speed Titanium Specialty Series Optic Torque Clean Head Series 

Specialty Series, Ideal for dental surgery. An Air Turbine That Features a Comfortable Ergonomic Handle Providing Excellent Visibility, Cutting Performance, And Unmatched Results. The Torch Led Series Also Comes With Reduced Vibration And Consistent Cutting Compared To Other Torque HighSpeed Pieces In The Market.
This Piece Also Comes With An E-GENERATOR built inside To Bring The Optic Necessities Dentist’s Face. The Torch Led Is Designed To Illuminate the workplace and Build To Vibrate Less Than The Average Handpiece Guaranteeing More Accurate And Consistent Cuts.






Strength, Visibility, Confidence

  1. HandPiece With Powerfull Auto Generation LED.
  2. System Autogenerate Light Sterilizable LED
  3. Clean Head -System
  4. Head Of High Torque 25W
  5. Compatible With Connections Of 2 And 4 Holes
  6. Ceramic Ball Bearings
  7. Powerful And Reliable Performance
  8. Triple Water Spray
  9. Push Botton System
  10. Titanium coating


  1. Minimum Noise Stable Revolution
  2. Cute And Elegant Novel Design
  3. Single Point And Triple Spray
  4. Convenient And Fast Needle Button
  5. Quick Set, Fast Conversion, And Time Saving
  6. Sterilization Can Be In Temperatures And Pretions High Repeatedly
  7. Supplied Air Pressure: 25 ~ 35 PSI (33 psi)
  8. Sounds Change Mode: Sound Changes Without Connector
  9. Tube Connection: Bodern 2-3 Holes / MID-WEST 4 Holes Available
  10. Revolutions Per Minute: 450,000RPM


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Borden System

Borden 2-3 Hole, Mid-West 4 Hole


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