3G Dental Group-Power-Led L9 Curing Light

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  1. Merchandise Dimensions : 14*18*11cm
  2. Classification : Ordinary, B type working intermittently, Class 2
  3. Battery Information: 3.1 Type : Lithium ion Battery / Battery Voltage : 3.7v/ Battery Charging Voltage :4.2 V / Optical Parameters
  • Wave Length :385-520nm
  • Light Intensity : Super Strong Light Curing mode :2500 mW/cm2
  • Normal curing Mode :1600mW/cm2
  • Transportation and storage environment
    • Enviromental Temeprature range : -20C-+55C :
    • Relative Humidity range: ≤ 93%
    • Atmospheric pressure range: 50KPa-106kPa:

Operating environment

3.7.1 Relative humidity range: ≤ 80%

  • 3.7.2 Environmental temperature range : +5 C -+40 C
  • 3.7.3 Atmospheric pressure range: 75kPa -106kPa


3G Power-LED L9 Curing Lamp L9 3g photocured ed lamp POWER-LED L9 CHART New Dental Curing Lamp The new POWER-LED L9 lamp is a new concept in very powerful and efficient photocuring lamps that offers exceptional results in offices and clinics that perform dental photocuring and high aesthetic procedures.detail of the L9 photocuring lamp Features and benefits: High light intensity up to 2500 mW/cm² Two operating modes: “Normal” and “superStrong” power. Lightweight and ergonomic design for maximum comfort during highly precise procedures, in addition to its rotating head, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, perfect for portability and convenience due to its long duration (up to 6 hours of continuous operation). Minimalist panel. Curing times in high mode of 1 and 3 seconds and normal mode of 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds. Easy to operate, with minimalist control panel, resistant and durable. Perfect for bonding orthodontic brackets, bonding porcelain veneers and filling and aesthetic resin restoration. POWER-LED L9. The best option in a high-power portable curing lamp, an excellent choice for dental professionals looking for the best in resin photopolymerization technology and with a different style. Available in Grey, Blue and Black colors This Lamp is comparable in results with: Valo X Ultradent Lamp


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