3G Dental Group Titanium High-Speed 45 Degree


12 Month Warranty
Air Pressure: Max 35, Recommended 33 PSI
Coupling: Borden and Midwest
Body Type: Titanium
Sprays: single Spray
Torque: 25W
Speed: 360,000-420,000 RPM
System: Key Type
Lux: 3000-3500
Head System: LED 45 Degrees
Head Size: Standard
Bearings: Ceramic”

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The TITANIUM 3G 45R is an exceptional dental tool designed for precision and efficiency. Featuring a titanium body, this instrument ensures durability and reliability in dental surgeries. The LED head system, with a 45-degree angle, provides optimal illumination, enhancing visibility during procedures. With a pediatric head size, specifically mini, it caters to various dental needs. The strong torque of 25W makes it particularly suitable for delicate pediatric surgeries, ensuring the tool’s effectiveness and accuracy.


Additional information

Borden System

Borden 2-3 Holes, Mid-West 4 Holes


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