Spring TC-CLII Cordless Curing Light


• Light intensity of 1400mW/cm2 high and 700 mW/cm2, “High and Low”” curing modes

• LED is in the Head – LED in the HEAD, NO GLASS ROD TO BREAK!

• On/Off Switch Dual switches: Ease of operation in any position – can cure in as little as 6 seconds on most modern composites (A3 or lighter shades)

• Timer Digital programmable timer – 8 settings from 2 seconds to 20 seconds

• Powered by a lithium-ion battery, easy to replace

• One of the lightest curing lights Weight 2.75 oz or 83 gm

• All metal housing – durable, scratch resistant, easy to disinfect and virtually unbreakable!

• Hard glass lens resists scratching

• The unique, slim, and ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip from any angle

• Beeper 2 second audible beeper

• Made in USA

• 1 Per Box


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Spring Health TC-CLII, the Cure 2 Cordless Complete Silver; LED CURING LIGHT: Constant light output 1400mw/cm; Beeper 2 second audible beeper; Housing Durable anodized aluminum; handle

High-tech, lightweight all metal housing. Small in size and one of the lightest on the market. Easy to clean.

Replaceable Lens; Replaceable chair side lens in case of lens degrading;On/Off Switch

Dual switches: Ease of operation in any position.

Weight 2.75 oz or 83 gm, Battery/Output 45 minutes continuous run time

Constant light output 1400mw/cm2, Power Programmable high setting 1400mw/cm2 and low 700 mw/cm2 for step curing

Timer Digital programmable timer – 8 settings from 2 to 20 seconds



Spring Health

Additional Product Details

Package includes: Spring the Cure, TC-CLII Curing light, Battery charger base with attached power supply, 2 orange light shields, 2 flat-surface mount hangers, 50 sleeves, Lens wrench

Accessories Available: #TC-CS Protective Barrier Sleeves; #622 Radiometer Light Meter; #TC-CLBAT Replaceable Lithium Battery


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