Smile Designers Orthodontic Light Curing Composite Adhesive


Smile Designers Light Curing Orthodontic  Composite


2 – 5Gr Paste Syringe
1 – 5ml  Bonding Bottle

1 – 5ml Etch
10 –  Micro Appplicators


Crystalline and fumed silicon dioxide
Photo Initiators






2 x 5Gr Paste Syringe 

5ml  Bonding Bottle
5ml Etch 



Crystalline and fumed silicon dioxide
Photo Initiators


Compatible materials of use:

Can be used on metal, plastic, and porcelain brackets.  

Instruction for use:

Tooth Preparation

  1. 1-Prophy the enamel surface to be bonded with plain pumice. Do not use proxy pastes that contain oil or fluoride. Rinse thoroughly and dry teeth with oil and moisture-free compressed air. Do not allow the patient to rinse. 
  2. 2-Isolate the cleaned teeth. A clean dry surface is desirable for a good etch. 
  3. 3-Dispense 1 to 2 drops of etching solution on the dispensing pad. Use a cotton pledget or brush and apply the etching solution with a dabbing motion to the prophyed  teeth to be bonded. DO NOT RUB, rubbing breaks the exposed enamel rods, which will result in a weak bond. Continuous application of etching solution for 60 seconds will provide the most desirable etch. Fluoridated and deciduous teeth may require a longer etch period of an additional 30 seconds. 
  4. 4-Resin thoroughly with water. At this point, do not allow the patient to rinse the etched area should appear frosty white. ETCHED ENAMEL MUST NOT BE CONTAMINATED BY SALIVA. IF CONTAMINATION DOES OCCUR, RE-ETHC FOR 20-30 SECONDS, DRU, AND REISOLATE. 

Application of Adhesive Bracket Placement:

  1. Apply a thin coat primer to each etched, dry tooth in the area to which the bracket is to be bonded, and the underside of each bracket base using a small disposable primer brush. This brush may be used for all teeth of a single patient, provided it is not contaminated with saliva or ADHESIVE PASTE.  

Bracket & Adhesive Removal 

  1. To remove the bonded bracket/base use a ligature cutter to grab the adhesive at the enamel adhesive interface and slowly peel the bracket/base of the tooth. Avoid shearing or twisting force. 
  2. Surface may be cleaned with a sealing instrument and polished with pumice. 



-Do not leave at the reach of children 

-In case of any change on the original function of the products, stop using it and contact the manufacturer. 


Smile Designers

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