Lube-Free Master TM5



The Lube-Free TorqueMaster™ TM5 is engineered for comfort and precision featuring a high torque motor with a speed range up to 5,000 rpm. This ergonomic handpiece is excellent for pins and post excavations as well as hygiene procedures. Compatible with straight handpiece burs, mandrels, as well as Doriot/U-type contra angle attachments. Includes the 4-Hole Quick-Disconnect Swivel Coupler (#50134).


  • Air Pressure: 35-50 psi Recommended
  • Rotation Direction: Forward & Reverse
  • Motor Speed: 100 – 5,000 rpm
  • Attachment Type: Rotary Instruments / Doriot Attachments / Prophy Angles
  • Lubrication: Not Required
  • Autoclave at Maximum 275º F (135º C)

*Before placing your order, please call 1.800.367.9290 if you require a 2-Hole Quick-Disconnect Swivel Coupler.


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