MTI Master Prophy Airlite Low Speed Dental Swivel Handpiece




  • Handpiece Only
  • Air PRESSURE 35-50 PSI recommended 
  • Rotation directionL forward only 
  • Motor Speed 3,500 rpm  
  • Lubrication required 
  • Autoclave at maximum 275 fahrenheit (135 celsius) 
  • Made in the U.S.A 
  • Warranty 2 years 
  • Three colors: blue, pink, purple 

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MTI Master Prophy Airlite  Handpiece 


MTI’s advance Master Prophy Airlite features a quick-disconnect swivel adapter to connect to any standard 4-hole tubing. The 360-degree swivel allows rapid exchange and reduces hand fatigue caused by the drag and twisting of the tubing. The polishing handpiece is designed for a comfortable balance with a tapered profile for a relaxed hand position. It operates at up to 3,500rpm for smooth, effortless removal of tough stains while limiting gingival abrasion and prophy paste splatter. The prophy angle is easily and securely pushed the fitted handpiece via friction grip locking mechanism 2010  evaluation by an independent non-profit dental education and product testing institute, 94%sm =- accepts both Doriot-Style Metal and most disposable prophy angles. 


MTI’s most popular hygiene handpiece provides exceptional polishing performance, minimized hand fatigue, and increased patient comfort. A of the evaluators rated it excellent or good. Your choice of 3 colors. 

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Pink, Purple, Blue


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