MTI Dental Handpiece Contra Angle Head Push Type


12-Tooth Crowns (MTI & NSK)
Autoclave Up to 275º F (135º C):
3 Months


MTI Lynx™ Contra Angle Head Push Type

Precision Engineered for True Turning

Experience the ultimate in precision and comfort with Lynx™ PUSH Heads. Expertly engineered to turn true, our PUSH Heads virtually eliminate dangerous and hand-tiring vibration. And, like all Lynx™ Classic Motor and Attachments, our PUSH Heads are fully autoclavable, ensuring years of reliable in-between patient sterilization.

Versatile and User-Friendly

Our Push Button Latch Head is the perfect tool for tight spaces, pediatric patients, and deep root canal access. Using standard latch burs, it’s simple to change and features an easy push-button latching device for quick bit and bur changes.


  • Recommended Air Pressure: 35-50 psi
  • Compatible with 12-Tooth Crowns (MTI & NSK)
  • Maximum Autoclave Temperature: 275º F (135º C)



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