3G -SMILE MAX 3 Optic Scalers w/5 TIPS

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A beautiful Piezoelectric dental ultrasonic scaler is very light and easy to install. Is recommended for medium-High traffic clinics. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, removable tip for autoclaving, 8-frequency adjustment dial, includes 5 tips and accessory kit.

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Instrument classification

  • Piezoelectric dental ultrasonic scaler.
  • Ideal for quickly removing stones from the tooth surface.
  • The scaling tip vibrates in the ultrasonic range of 20-45 kHz (that is, 20,000 to 45,000 times per second), with a frequency between 18 kHz and 32 kHz.


  • Compact unit housing facilitates its location anywhere in the operating room.
  • Gentle and gentle on the patient, with little or no sensitivity.
  • Heat does not build upon the tip of the handpiece with prolonged use.
  • Autoclavable handpiece.
  • Wide power range to allow the widest variety of clinical applications.
  • A fine water system that prevents excess spray on the patient.


  • Supragingival tartar removal and sensitive spots.
  • Subgingival debridement.
  • Removal of stones, attached biofilms, and endotoxins from the root surface.
  • Removal of loose biofilms from the sulcular surface.
  • In patients with ANUG condition.
  • Previous Oral Surgery Procedure.
  • To remove orthodontic cement – peeled off.
  • To remove protruding restorations.


  • Scale unit: EMS ultrasonic scaler.
  • Detachable handpiece with LED light.
  • Automatic tuning technology to deliver optimal frequency at the tip with encapsulation technology that makes the handpiece durable.
  • Design: Ergonomic dial to select the desired frequency. Excellent quality scale unit with the best design.
  • Available Colors: blue, green, black, pink, orange, red.

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Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow


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