3G – Professional Red Kit W/ Scaler

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SKU: 3G-002




3G – Ceramik High-Speed Handpiece

High Speed Standard Head
Support connection of 2H, 4H
Ceramic Ball -bearings
Powerful and reliable performance
Body size:L125 * H27
Head size:Ø 10.6 * H14
Bur size:Ø 1.6
Torque:0.18 -0.21 N
Air Pressure:0.22– 2.5 MPa
Rotate speed:300,000 – 400,000 r.p.m”

“Contra Angle E-Type

Replaceable Cartridge
Latch Type
30000 Rpm
Quality Control
Made in Usa
One Year Warranty ”

“Air Scaler Scaler AS600

Support connection 2h & 4h (midwest)
Lenght: 6
weight: 1.5 oz
working Pressure : 12-20 psi
Air Consumption: 1.2 cfm
6000 HZ Frequency
Autoclavable & Chemiclavable
Universal A scaler Tips 3pcs, Wrench Tool
Includes 3 tips : Universal, Sickle, & Perio
Tip removal Tool ”

“3G Low Speed Air Motor

speed and torque with operated with clean
filtered, moisture-free air.

The recommended operating pressure is 35 p.s.i.

high torque at speed up to 30,000 R.P.M. and the lower range up to 800 R.P.M.”


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