MTI Deluxe Contra Angle 1:1



  • 1:1 E-Type Contra Angle Sheath Attachment LX11
  • Deluxe Ball-Bearing Spring Latch Head LX102-BB
  • Air Pressure: 35-50 psi Recommended
  • Compatibility: All MTI Motors & Universal E-Type Low Speed Motors
  • 360° Swivel: Yes
  • Autoclave at Maximum 275º F (135º C)

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Product Description

The MTI Dental attachments are designed to provide reliable performance and comfort at a reasonable price. These Contra Sheaths attach to existing MTI Dental motors and fit on universal E-Type low speed motors. The full 360° swivel feature (at the connection of the motor and attachment) provides optimal maneuverability and their ergonomical and lightweight design reduces hand fatigue and provides perfect balance. The Contra Sheaths accept any MTI Dental Latch Heads or Prophy Heads. All motor attachments are fully autoclavable.



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